Training Patients in The Use of Wearable Injectors

By Bill Guilliouma | September 6, 2019
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  Millions of patients worldwide living with rare, debilitating conditions are benefiting from developments in biopharmaceuticals and complex chemical entities as well as novel approaches to drug delivery. For example,… Read More »

Device Training and Onboarding Considerations for On-Body Delivery Systems

By ThriveAdmin | September 17, 2018
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In this article, Joe Reynolds, Research Manager at Noble, explains how on-body injection devices have arisen from the need to develop viscous, large-volume biopharmaceutical therapies, and how Noble’s on-body training… Read More »

Should You Develop a Training Device for Your Next Product?

By ThriveAdmin | July 25, 2017
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Demand for training devices could see an uptick, and for good reason. A number of recently published studies show that use of a training device can have a positive impact… Read More »

From ‘Wearables to Ther-ables’

By ThriveAdmin | April 25, 2016
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Unit shipments for wearable devices were expected to drive about $32 billion in revenue by 2019 — more than three times the $10 billion in revenue the market saw in… Read More »

A Learning Curve in Medication Adherence

By ThriveAdmin | April 25, 2016
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Several biologics coming onto the market offer the potential to make a difference in the lives of patients with incurable-but-controllable conditions such as diabetes and Crohn’s disease. These innovative therapeutics… Read More »

Noble Company Profile

By ThriveAdmin | April 15, 2016
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Noble®, the leader in onboarding and device training, is a full-service, patient-centred product development and manufacturing company. Noble works closely with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop… Read More »