Living with Asthma or COPD? Easy-to-Use Inhalers are a Priority

People living with asthma or COPD are often prescribed medications delivered with a device called an inhaler as part of their treatment. Some of the most common types are called dry powder inhalers and pressurized metered dose inhalers. So what are the key features patients and doctors are looking for in these devices? This [...]

Realistic Pulmonary Delivery System Trainers: Benefits for Patients, Physicians and Pharma

The use of training devices has been shown to improve correct inhalation device technique in patients. In this article, Craig Baker, Executive Vice-President, Noble, discusses the prevalence of improper use and how addressing this issue via training devices is of benefit to manufacturers, healthcare providers and patients.

Overcoming a Fear of Needles: High-Tech Solutions Help

Annaleise was 10 years old in Australia when she first realized she was afraid of needles. As she grew older, her fear grew to the point where she avoided medical treatment altogether and fell years behind with her vaccinations, according to an ABC News report. Annaleise’s story might not be that uncommon: according to [...]

Developing Effective Training Devices for the Pulmonary Healthcare Market

Pulmonary drug delivery is an effective route of pharmaceutical administration but research has shown that a large majority of patients fail to use their devices properly. To address this problem, training devices can help patients learn how to administer the drugs correctly. Joe Reynolds, research manager at Noble looks at the design challenges that [...]

Training Device Opportunities and Solutions for a Changing Respiratory Market

Pulmonary drug delivery is one of the most common routes of administration for chronic and acute conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and severe asthma. As with any device-delivered therapy, the successful use of pulmonary delivery systems depends on a number of intrinsic and extrinsic variables, including the properties of [...]

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Noble Company Profile

Noble®, the leader in onboarding and device training, is a full-service, patient-centred product development and manufacturing company. Noble works closely with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop educational and training solutions designed to provide positive patient onboarding experiences, reduce errors and improve patient outcomes. Cross-disciplinary designers and engineers provide fully customised [...]

The Benefits of 3D Printing for Pharmaceutical Device Development

The process of 3D printing has impacted many industries by making the development and prototyping stages quicker, more cost-effective, and efficient. One industry that has seen the largest impact is the health and medical sector, specifically the pharmaceutical device space. Rapid prototyping and 3D printing techniques offer the ability to get these complex devices [...]

Patient Preference in Respiratory Device Training & Educational Tools

Here, Paul Sullivan, Associate Director, Business Development, and Craig Baker, Executive Vice-President, both of Noble, provide data from recent patient studies to emphasise the importance of training devices in improving adherence to, and compliance with, inhaled therapeutics. Read full article>

Device Training and Onboarding: Patient Preference of Respiratory Device Training and Educational Tools

In recent years, a number of advances in science and technology have resulted in an increased demand for pulmonary-delivered therapies in many global markets. Based on Noble’s user study and additional research, it is clear that multisensory training devices are the future of effective drug delivery. Read More >

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