Injection Devices: As Self-Injection Grows, Drug Delivery Gets Smarter

The global injectable drug delivery market is growing around 11.8% CAGR and will soon eclipse oral delivery as the most valuable route of administration of pharmaceuticals. The market was valued at $328 million in 2015 and is expected to reach $640 million by 2021. This growth is being fueled by biologics, which are expected [...]

How Technology Can Impact Patient Adherence: Increasing Patient Engagement & Education to Save the Healthcare Industry Billions

Poor patient compliance and adherence cost the healthcare system more than $564 billion annually. It is important that pharmaceutical brands and healthcare providers (HCPs) leverage technology to help reduce primary non-adherence, also known as Rx abandonment and improve adherence to treatment at a patient’s initial diagnosis. To accomplish this, more brands are embracing patient-centric [...]

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SPECIAL FEATURE – Injectable Drug Delivery: Key Trends Define Device Design Now & in the Future

Noble: Training Devices Help Brands Create Product Loyalty Noble has developed and launched many new autoinjector and prefilled syringe training devices using a device-comparable approach. This approach means training devices are engineered to replicate the same form and functionality as a real device, including functions like plunger speed, needle simulation, safety mechanisms, and additional [...]

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Training Devices – Best Practices & Considerations in Developing Effective Training Devices for Injectable Healthcare Markets

JOE REYNOLDS PROVIDES INSIGHTS REGARDING HOW DEVICE TRAINING CAN HELP IMPROVE ADHERENCE Over the years, many industry stakeholders and pharmaceutical manufacturers have come to realize the importance of training and the role it has on promoting healthy patient outcomes and effective disease management. Many studies suggest that without proper training during the onboarding process, [...]

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SPECIAL FEATURE – Prefilled Syringes & PCM: Biologics Present a New Set of Challenges

The demand for prefilled syringes continues to grow as more patients are being required to self-administer medications, such as the increasing number of biologics and biosimilars entering the market. As these products continue to augment and launch into new therapeutic sectors, training and education will remain a critical success factor that will determine a [...]

Self-Administration Device Training: Incorporating New Technologies to Reduce Device Errors

At its core, the ultimate goal of device training is to improve the patient experience and create value for HCPs and industry stakeholders. Improved training technologies like error correcting and wireless features allow brands to engage patients and provide personalized training content based on individual patients and provide personalized training content based on individual [...]