SPECIAL FEATURE – Injectable Drug Delivery: Key Trends Define Device Design Now & in the Future


Noble: Training Devices Help Brands Create Product Loyalty

Noble has developed and launched many new autoinjector and prefilled syringe training devices using a device-comparable approach. This approach means training devices are engineered to replicate the same form and functionality as a real device, including functions like plunger speed, needle simulation, safety mechanisms, and additional technologies that improve proper use and memory recall.

“Noble believes that patients who use trainers will become more familiar with the form and functionality of a real device, demonstrate less self-administration errors, and complete the onboarding process more successfully,” says Craig Baker, Executive Vice President of Noble. “Competitive differentiation is both a challenge and opportunity in self-administration drug delivery. As more patients are prescribed self-injection therapies, the need for patient education and training programs will continue to grow.”

Noble has been involved in many new drug launches, helping brands differentiate themselves through patient support programs. By creating solutions that limit errors, adverse events, complaints, and poor compliance, Noble helps pharma brands overcome the challenges many face with HCP brand preference.

“Brands that provide patients with robust support programs have a higher probability of brand loyalty,” says Mr. Baker. “Loyal patients will continue treatment therapies longer, leading to increased market share while also improving patient adherence and outcomes.”

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