Noble prefilled syringe trainers

Prefilled Syringe Trainers

Prefilled syringe trainers simulate attributes of real prefilled syringes, including those with safety and shielding systems. These training devices can be custom-developed to meet your brand’s prefilled syringe specifications plus proprietary needle simulation technology options to help decrease needle anxiety and increase user confidence.

 Preconfigured for Speed-to-Market

  • Proprietary needle tip options

  • Needle force & feel simulation

  • Resettable safety systems

  • Device & plunger color adjustments

  • Pad printing

  • Finger flange

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Noble and BD partner to offer complete device demonstrators and onboarding platforms designed to reduce errors, increase device familiarity and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Noble technologies offer patients a hyper-realistic injection simulation experience.

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Syringe Angle Aid Training Tool

Designed as a safe and effective way for patients to learn proper self-injection technique, the Angle Tool helps patients achieve the correct angle for subcutaneous injection using a precisely measured channel as a guide. Knowing proper angle and needle depth helps to reduce needle stick injuries and medication complications due to incorrect technique.

Syringe Angle Aid Training Tool Customization

  • Standard & Safety Syringe Options

  • Shape and design

  • Color scheme

  • 45- or 90-degree angularity

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Becton Dickinson based Noble prefilled syringe demonstration device
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