How To Improve Medication Adherence Among Patients

Patient Support Coach

User-Friendly, Intuitive Digital Solutions Increase

“Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them.” – C. Everett Koop, MD, former US Surgeon General.

Hope’s Journey

Knowing is half the battle when being newly diagnosed with a chronic disease. Initial reactions vary from shock and fear to denial or even reluctance to accept the reality of making significant lifestyle changes. For some patients, the real battle begins with having to self-administer medication through injections.

After several years of suffering from severe abdominal pain and fatigue and not knowing why, Hope finally found a doctor who correctly diagnosed her with Crohn’s Disease. Upon finally having the answer she needed, Hope’s journey to manage her condition was just beginning.

Due to physical limitations stemming from her symptoms, Hope had to alter her active lifestyle and also give up her teaching career. Now diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, she had to begin a new biological treatment regimen that required her to self-administer medication by injection. Feelings of fear and anxiety plagued Hope, and she lacked confidence in being able to begin and maintain this new routine.

Hands-On Learning

Many patients like Hope prefer to learn by doing. Studies have shown that patients who are initially prescribed a biological treatment do not get enough training in their doctor’s office and are often afraid to ask questions during their onboarding process. As a result, they lack confidence in beginning a new regimen and can sometimes abandon treatment altogether. This certainly could have been the case with Hope had she not been able to benefit from a training device and digital training solutions during her onboarding process, thanks to Noble.

In talking with and studying patients like Hope, Noble has utilized extensive research and human factors data to develop innovative digital technology solutions that provide much-needed support for the onboarding phase of disease treatment. In order to confidently begin and maintain ongoing disease management, we have learned that practice and repetition are critical. We have learned that intuitive and user-friendly training through digital technology reinforces patient adherence to new regimens exponentially.

Empowering Patients Through Innovative Technology

For a growing number of patients with chronic conditions who use autoinjectors to self-administer their medications, there is a better, user-friendly solution for training and adherence. Remarkably, it is in the palm of their hand.

Noble’s Patient Support Coach is a game changer and represents a dramatic evolution in patient adherence possibilities. It is designed to provide patients with immediate step-by-step instructions on how to correctly self-administer the injection via a user-friendly app and confirmations when they do the injections correctly. This innovative technology is a new kind of connected device; it can help to build patient confidence and reduce anxieties while providing patients with the training and support they need to encourage therapy adherence.

How It Works

The Patient Support Coach is a compact and user-friendly patient-connected solution. It’s a small plastic box that attaches to the autoinjector training device and interacts with a brand-specific patient support app through Bluetooth technology on their smartphone or tablet.

This technology detects patient user errors during the injection process and automatically provides step-by-step IFU instructions through an easy-to-use patient app. It helps patients correct their own self-administration errors, aids in overcoming anxieties related to the self-injection process and improves patients’ adherence to their prescribed therapy. By increasing patient confidence, the Patient Support Coach helps patients feel more in control as they start right and stay right on their therapy regime.

Starting Therapy Sooner

Noble’s Patient Support Coach features are meant to help patients start their therapy sooner and stay on it longer. These features include:

  • No device pairing needed
  • The sensor connects to the training video and detects patient user-errors
  • Allows patient to follow step-by-step IFU in a custom-designed app
  • The design allows it to be added to most autoinjector training devices
  • Various in-app language options for patient instructions

Making The Journey Easier

For patients like Hope, the journey can become easier thanks to Noble’s Patient Support Coach. For future generations of patients who will be diagnosed with a chronic disease, the pathway to onboarding and adherence will continue to improve. Learn more about the Patient Support Coach and Noble’s patient training capabilities.