How to Empower and Mobilize Your Patients With Medication Travel Kits

Medication Travel Kits

According to a survey conducted by Forbes Advisor, nearly half of Americans expect to travel more in 2023, whereas the U.S. Travel Association has noted that domestic business travel is expected to continue its recovery.

For patients, traveling abroad with medicine may be a grueling task. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides tips on their website, such as the use of a travel health kit. Further, international travelers who carry medicines with them to treat acute or chronic health conditions are advised to check with the destination’s embassy to ensure their medications are permitted. Bringing copies of prescriptions as well as a note from the prescribing health provider is also highly recommended.

Whether it’s taking that long-awaited trip abroad, visiting friends and family afar or simply traveling out of town for a business conference, your patients need the proper tools and resources to help maintain their therapeutic treatment routine.

At Noble, we have conducted extensive research to better help patients with their self-administered treatments, enabling them to live healthy and productive lives. We understand that patients cannot always self-administer their medication from the comfort of their own homes, which is why we developed our Travel Kits. They are designed to help mobilize patients when traveling and provide them with the comfort of knowing that they can still maintain their daily therapeutic regimen. The kits are available as both custom designs and platform products to meet all of our brand needs.

Medicine Travel Kit

Our platform travel kits are specially designed to accommodate patient travel needs. They have customizable features meant to promote your brand while also providing interior compartments with ample space for medication and two cold packs; there are also interior packets available to hold alcohol wipes. Velcro straps also allow for easy accessibility and dexterity accommodations. Our travel kits are available in a variety of colors and sizes with varying temperature regulation options. You can learn more about our custom travel kit options here.

To learn more about our custom and platform travel kits, and how they provide low development costs and improved speed to market, please contact a member of our sales team here.