Noble autoinjector trainers

Autoinjector Trainers

Autoinjector device trainers simulate attributes of real autoinjectors and are available as off-the-shelf or customized platforms, including proprietary technologies. Autoinjector training device technologies range from resettable mechanical systems to smart features, such as bluetooth connectivity, sensors, audio cues and error detection/correction.

Preconfigured for Speed-to-Market

  • Plunger speed simulation

  • Actuation force simulation

  • Audible and visual feedback

  • Resettable safety systems

  • Color adjustments

  • Smart technologies

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Noble partners with leading drug delivery device manufacturers to offer complete device training and onboarding platforms – all designed to reduce errors, increase device familiarity and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

Noble autoinjector trainer for increased adherence

Enhance the patient onboarding experience with Noble technologies.

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