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AdhereIT works with either an autoinjector training device or actual drug delivery device to detect the beginning and end of a patient’s injection session. Users place the AdhereIT device on the injection site, then insert and actuate the autoinjector. Ultimately, AdhereIT alerts patients when an injection is properly completed or when a wet injection—removing the autoinjector before the full dose is administered—occurs. This puts knowledge and power back in the patient’s hands.

AdhereIT allows patients to start right and stay connected throughout their entire injection treatment

AdhereIT features clear, easy-to-understand visual, audio, and haptic feedback, including:
AdhereIT integrated mobile app

  • Real-time feedback to train users on correct self-injection
  • Data that is stored and wirelessly sent to a mobile app
  • A standalone design that does not need to be incorporated into the drug delivery system

An integrated app on a patient’s phone:

  • Provides push reminders of injection dates
  • Allows easy tracking and monitoring of therapeutic treatment including prescribed treatments, symptoms and more
  • Provides a training video for proper injection technique
  • Allows HCP to monitor patient therapeutic performance


AdhereIT is the best solution to improve patient adherence

INNOVATIVE detection system precisely recognizes injection events with real time visual and haptic feedback assisting patients with the injection process.

RECOGNIZES surface contact and injection status to give real-time feedback on the correct injection steps whether in training mode or real injection.AdhereIT 360 Base

ENABLES device pairing to an app via Bluetooth® communication to provide patients with additional features (i.e. drug reorder, disease management instructional videos, etc.)

TRACKS user compliance via data collection capabilities which enables HCPs to monitor patient performance and provides brands with real world patient behavioral data.

FLEXIBILITY allows for use of AdhereIT with several autoinjector device platforms.

Why this additional support is so needed:
AdhereIT patient and HCP integration

  • Patients did not receive proper training or spent inadequate time with an HCP
  • Patients lack confidence during the self-injection process
  • Patients feel high levels of anxiety
  • Patients feel a lack of control in their treatment

How Covid-19 has exacerbated this need:

  • HCPs are prescribing injectables without seeing patients live
  • Onboarding issues are being fully realized
  • Patients can feel isolated or abandoned now more than ever
  • Patient anxiety levels are high

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