Designed for autoinjector training and injections

AdhereIT is the latest in adherence innovation developed by Noble, the leader in drug delivery device training and patient onboarding. AdhereIT fits onto an autoinjector training device or drug delivery device and not only functions by detecting and monitoring user interaction, but also provides feedback during training and injection.

Adherence developed for your specifications

  • Easily fits onto a variety of autoinjector platforms

  • Detects contact with injection site

  • Detects the beginning and end of training/injection session

  • Wirelessly collects data of training, errors, reminders and injections

  • Provides user feedback

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The Smart Training and Injection Accessory

Monitoring Adherence

Knowledge is power and with the digital transformation of the healthcare infrastructure, all stakeholders have critical information to be gained through monitoring patient adherence. An integrated data hub connecting pharma, insurance companies and doctors with patients’ compliance data provides the ability for risk mitigation and opportunities to learn from patient treatment regimens.

Integrated Data Hub Connecting

  • Patients

  • Healthcare Providers

  • Payers

  • Policy Makers

  • Commercial Teams

Noble digital ecosystem example