Response to News Release from 215 Biopharma KOLs

In the January 2020 edition of STAT News was a news release from 215 biopharma CEOs and industry leaders. The news release leverages 2020 as the beginning of “the dawn of a golden age of medicine [which] will soon have the ability to treat and cure diseases that have long been untreatable and incurable.”

The news release discusses a New Commitment to Patients that includes: (1) ensuring access to fair pricing and supporting safe and effective medicines, among others, and (2) the call for pharma to act with integrity and responsibility in terms of supporting ethical business practices and committing to patient advocacy, among others.

Part of the signers’ promise to act with integrity and responsibility is their pledge to “invest only in novel therapies that address unmet patient needs.” To take this a step further to better support patients and the therapies to which they’re prescribed, patients must be able to access robust training solutions for novel therapies that are self-administered outside patients’ HCP office.

As more self-administration therapies come to market, and more HCPs prescribe them as alternatives to multiple trips to patients’ HCPs and/or IV therapies, support materials to help patients administer at home must be developed, offered and leveraged. In doing so, the millions of patients worldwide who self-administer will learn to do so properly, thus receiving the full and correct dosage each time. When receiving the full dose, both patients and HCPs can more quickly recognize therapy efficacy. This keeps patients on the same therapy longer, thus continuing to increase its effectiveness, leading to patients living longer, healthier lives.

Studies highlight the need for this: 86% of patients make mistakes with their autoinjectors, which is likely exacerbated by the fact that 49% of HCPs don’t train their patients on how to self-inject at home.

The Future

Robust training solutions are the answers. Through innovation, Noble’s goal is to ensure proper self-injection training becomes part of the standard of care. One day soon, it will be a goal of pharma to ensure training devices are available to the millions of patients who self-administer medications, and 200+ KOLs will sign a letter to include training devices in tandem with all self-administered drug delivery systems.

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