Patient Training is a Need to Have— Not a Nice to Have

Self-injected biologic therapies have gained significant prevalence across numerous therapeutic areas. However, a lack of proper patient training and onboarding best practices has lead to significant gaps in patient self-injection process. In fact, a recent research study report titled The Current Paradigm for Biologic Initiation: A Confirmatory Quantitative Analysis of Self-Injection Training Practices highlights the current gaps in the patient training and onboarding process in relation to patients that self-administer their therapeutic treatments. Current training practices may not adequately prepare patients to start their therapies, and considerable attention must be paid to providing patients with multiple opportunities for training and onboarding.

In fact, the report notes both the physical and emotional challenges that patients face when learning how to properly self-administer their biologic treatment; the report also discusses who is responsible for patient training and onboarding. Most importantly, it underlines the vital need to invest in a better training and onboarding process, as it improves the patient experience of your brand.

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