Noble is Excited to Announce Expansion of Service Offerings for Clients with the Addition of Noble Studios

When Noble broke into the training device market many years ago, we quickly realized how much work there was to be done to help pharma partners achieve their goals for their patients. We also quickly realized how important it was for patients who self-administer drug therapies to achieve strong health outcomes. While training devices for patients who self-administer drug therapies at home and on the go will always be our core business, Noble has rapidly expanded into additional — but closely related — services for clients to answer their needs beyond training devices.

Evidence of this expansion can be found in the last few years alone whereby Noble has introduced two new robust services for our clients: Human Factors + (HF+) and market insights.

As Noble becomes a full-service partner for our clients with HF+ and market insights, as well as through our training devices and more, we’re thrilled to announce that our all-star in-house graphic design team — with stellar capabilities in patient training videos, packaging, labeling, photography and more — has leaned into the needs of our clients to create Noble Studios.

Noble Studios is a fully functional graphics and video “agency” that is a one-stop-shop for video production and offers solutions throughout the lifecycle of video creation. Noble Studios leads and implements video storyboarding, casting, filming and editing for client training and device videos all in-house right here in our Orlando headquarters. In the end, clients have a completely customized and tailored-to-their-vision training video that better showcases for patients how to properly use their drug delivery device while also encouraging patient training and adherence.

Our videos help your brand stand out against the competition by offering one of the most sought-after pieces of the patient training puzzle: videos that better explain the value of your product and help to facilitate patient education and ongoing therapy adherence.

Noble Studios also recognizes how imperative is it to offer videos in various languages for inclusivity of audiences across the globe. As such, Noble Studios offers multiple language support to ensure a global reach for our clients and the patient they serve.

In addition to our end-to-end video capabilities, Noble’s design team can support your brand with photography, custom packaging, custom labelling and more. Our clients are only limited by their imagination.

Reach out to our Graphic Design and Video team to learn more.