Can Realistic Training Devices Help Make a Blockbuster?

Innovation is vital for survival in the pharma industry. Although huge amounts of time, money and creativity are conventionally spent on the clinical development and commercialization of new drugs, success in the modern marketplace sometimes requires a wider perspective. For example, even the most effective drug won’t find success if patients simply aren’t comfortable using it. This is especially true for any drug that requires the patient to use prefilled syringes and autoinjectors, pulmonary delivery systems or on-body devices. If a patient is unfamiliar with a device or feels anxious or apprehensive when prescribed a drug that requires these kinds of delivery methods, there’s a risk they’ll misuse their device—and possibly fail to obtain the proper dose. As a result, it’s important to adopt a more “patient-centric” approach that trains them properly and ensures they feel confident when taking their medication.

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