Noble Announces Smart Injection Pad Training System, to Help Patients Better Understand How to Use Auto Injectors

Noble®, the biopharma onboarding and device training leader, today announces its new Smart Injection Pad, engineered with the latest in multisensory and error correcting technologies. A recent study from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) showcases the need for impactful injection training, as 84 percent of patients did not know how to correctly administer treatment via auto injector and more than half missed three or more steps. The recently patented training system alleviates this problem by increasing understanding of auto injection through practice with a needleless device and touch pad prior to administering treatment via self-injection.

Despite the redesign of auto injectors for easier use, most patients still don’t understand how to properly administer treatment. This lack of knowledge is attributed to insufficient training which can cause patients to feel anxious, leading them to administer incorrect dosages and even discontinue treatment all together. The new Smart Injection Pad utilizes audible and error correction technologies to teach patients how to use auto injectors correctly. Additional features include pressure sensing technology compatible with shield and button-activated auto injector devices, allowing the system to detect user errors and alert the patient.

“We recently found that 73 percent of patients reported increased anxiety levels surrounding injectable treatment therapies when relying on an instruction manual as their only form of training. Looking at treatment from the patient’s perspective, their lives are hectic and medical instructions can be difficult to understand,” said Jeff Baker, CEO of Noble. “Their lack of understanding can lead to avoidance behaviors which come with incredible healthcare costs. We’ve created devices like Smart Injection Pad to help brands decrease patient anxiety and complications that lead to them stop complying with their treatment plan.”

In addition to overcoming barriers in patient training, Smart Injection Pad also helps collect valuable patient data. Near field communication (NFC), Bluetooth and WIFI wireless connectivity capabilities for mobile applications track and monitor patients in order to assist in improving adherence and compliance rates.

“Collecting patient data can provide pharmaceutical brands and HCPs with valuable information about patient adherence and compliance. This information can identify which patients may need extra training during the onboarding process, or the first 30 – 90 days of treatment,” adds Baker. “Extra training can be costly but with the ability to target patients who need additional help, brands are able to streamline costs and increase adherence among patients who are more likely to discontinue drug use.”