Noble® is a patient-centric product development company for the world's leading pharmaceutical brands.

We work closely with commercialization, brand, and device teams to develop educational and training solutions focused on improving the onboarding experience. Noble’s focus is to bring value to our clients, driving innovation in onboarding and device training. 




  • Ideation
  • Product Development
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Software Engineering 
  • Human Factors Design 
  • User Experience Design
  • Manufacturing 
  • Quality Management 
  • Logistics 
  • Project Management
  • Commercialization

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Through faith and teamwork, Noble will become an industry leader in innovation in selected markets, resulting in value growth, allowing our people, our stakeholders and our community to prosper.



Noble's vision is to provide innovative products with superior quality and service to the healthcare market, which improve the lives of patients and increase the market share for our healthcare clients.

Patient-centric Autoinjector, Prefilled Syringe and Inhaler Drug Delivery Device Training


Patient-Centric Drug Delivery Device Training

As the number of patients being required to self-administer medication via drug delivery devices continues to grow, training and education will remain a critical success determinant of a patient’s ability to safely and effectively use these devices and adhere to therapy. Novel training technologies such as mechanical and smart, error-correcting autoinjectors, prefilled syringes and pulmonary delivery devices, angle aid tools, auditory packaging and other multisensory solutions help empower patients to lead healthier lives. 



Designed to Improved Onboarding

84 Percent of Patients Prefer Error Correcting Auto-Injector Syringe and Metered Dose Inhaler Drug Delivery Device Training

Noble offers a suite of drug delivery device training and education solutions designed to improve the patient's first 30/60/90 days of their onboarding experience. Solutions are designed specifically for your device to reduce error, create a consistent experience, create muscle memory, and give patients the confidence they need to administer an error-free, full dose the first time.

In the modern era of patient-centric care, products that are able to provide superior onboarding and patient experiences will be well positioned and benefit by reducing patient errors, while improving patient satisfaction and outcomes.

In-House Design & Manufacturing

Noble's fully-integrated product development team provides complete turn-key design, engineering and ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 manufacturing and supply chain offerings for both regulated and non-regulated products. This in-house integration allows us to be flexible and nimble to meet and exceed client expectations and gives us the ability for concepts to be prototyped and perfected for high-volume, optimized manufacturability. 


Intellectual Property 

Proprietary Technologies for Auto Injector Syringe, Prefilled Syringe and Inhaler Drug Delivery Device Trainers

Noble has intellectual property for technologies that may apply to the development of training and onboarding products. The following is a general list of each category in which Noble has intellectual property:

  • Resetting mechanisms of devices
  • Sensors utilized in error detection, notification and correction
  • Needle simulation
  •  Multisensory training devices and packaging
  • Connectivity, data storage and data transmission incorporated into devices
  • Software for error correction and auditory training systems and adherence programs
  • Plunger simulation
  • Dual chamber mixing simulation
  • Actuation simulation
  • Tactile simulation
  •  Inhalation simulation
  • Multisensory technology: auditory, visual and somatosensory