Noble global launch diagram

Launch Strategy Development

Launching formulation extensions and lifecycle management tactics are exciting time periods for both manufacturers and industry stakeholders. In recent years, many products have launched follow-on devices, new dosing routes or indications, and numerous other initiatives to improve the user experience and therapeutic outcomes. With proper implementation, these initiatives can significantly improve the commercial success of therapies in the market. However, when gaps exist through launch and implementation, these initiatives can negatively impact patient acceptance, healthcare provider adoption, and overall market-share of products.

To support the efficient uptake and acceptance of these enhancements in the market, Noble has developed specialized processes and systems to support the effective launch and transition for users to new dosing presentations. When leveraged by manufacturers, these workflows apply best-market-practices to effectively transition patients and healthcare providers to product extensions.

  • One single point of contact at Pharma company reaches out to all affiliate countries (outside the US) to find out their quantity and timing needs.

  • Pharma company’s point of contact relays info to Noble.

  • Noble acquires ALL raw materials and begins producing product based on priority level.

  • Noble coordinates logistics to each individual country, delivering product directly to each country.

  • Questions from countries get funneled through point of contact.

  • Noble Speaks PatientTM
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