SPECIAL FEATURE – Injectable Drug Delivery: Key Trends Define Device Design Now & in the Future

Noble: Training Devices Help Brands Create Product Loyalty Noble has developed and launched many new autoinjector and prefilled syringe training devices using a device-comparable approach. This approach means training devices are engineered to replicate the same form and functionality as a real device, including functions like plunger speed, needle simulation, safety mechanisms, and additional [...]

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Training Devices – Best Practices & Considerations in Developing Effective Training Devices for Injectable Healthcare Markets

JOE REYNOLDS PROVIDES INSIGHTS REGARDING HOW DEVICE TRAINING CAN HELP IMPROVE ADHERENCE Over the years, many industry stakeholders and pharmaceutical manufacturers have come to realize the importance of training and the role it has on promoting healthy patient outcomes and effective disease management. Many studies suggest that without proper training during the onboarding process, [...]

Integrating patient training into product launches

Product launch is a critical moment in a brand’s ultimate success. Product launches for pharmaceuticals are complex and differ in many ways from other industries, with multiple key players such as research and development, formulation specialists, analysts, regulatory affairs, device engineers, commercial/brand teams, and many others intimately involved. This process takes on additional complexity [...]

Autoinjectors: Creating a Device-Comparable Trainer to Address Industry Challenges

Autoinjectors have become the main drug delivery devices of choice due to their ability to simplify the number of steps required for injection. However, many patients make mistakes using the devices such as not holding the device correctly or not keeping it in place for long enough. Mike Siemer, Director of Design and Engineering [...]

SPECIAL FEATURE – Prefilled Syringes & PCM: Biologics Present a New Set of Challenges

The demand for prefilled syringes continues to grow as more patients are being required to self-administer medications, such as the increasing number of biologics and biosimilars entering the market. As these products continue to augment and launch into new therapeutic sectors, training and education will remain a critical success factor that will determine a [...]

From ‘Wearables to Ther-ables’

Unit shipments for wearable devices were expected to drive about $32 billion in revenue by 2019 — more than three times the $10 billion in revenue the market saw in 2013, according to a 2015 IHS Technology white paper on the wearables market. Beside the business applications IHS identified, it also focused on consumer [...]

A Learning Curve in Medication Adherence

Several biologics coming onto the market offer the potential to make a difference in the lives of patients with incurable-but-controllable conditions such as diabetes and Crohn’s disease. These innovative therapeutics aim to improve patients’ quality of life by not only reducing symptoms, but also offering new independence enabled by at-home treatment. Read More > [...]

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Noble Company Profile

Noble®, the leader in onboarding and device training, is a full-service, patient-centred product development and manufacturing company. Noble works closely with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop educational and training solutions designed to provide positive patient onboarding experiences, reduce errors and improve patient outcomes. Cross-disciplinary designers and engineers provide fully customised [...]

The Benefits of 3D Printing for Pharmaceutical Device Development

The process of 3D printing has impacted many industries by making the development and prototyping stages quicker, more cost-effective, and efficient. One industry that has seen the largest impact is the health and medical sector, specifically the pharmaceutical device space. Rapid prototyping and 3D printing techniques offer the ability to get these complex devices [...]