From Concept to Distribution

Noble’s fully-integrated product development team provides complete turn key design, engineering and manufacturing offerings for both regulated and non-regulated products. Our development process and in-house expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing allow us to manage production from concept to delivery. This results in complete control of product development, ensuring quality deliverables, speed-to-market one point of responsibility.

Our in-house design facilities provide Noble with the ability to produce prototypes and conduct extensive engineering and benchmark testing. Our quality control procedures are in place from development to production, ensuring design requirements and specifications can be efficiently transferred to a high-volume manufacturing environment, with quality assurance involved at every stage of project realization.

Noble’s dedication to delivering quality products extends beyond our corporate headquarters. Our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified global manufacturing partners use a systematic approach to perform in-process inspection and in-line functionality testing of critical product features before delivery.

Full-Service, One-Stop Shop

  • Product Conceptualization, Design & Development

  • Mechanical/Electrical/Software Engineering

  • Human Factors & UX Design

  • Project Management

  • Quality Management

  • Manufacturing

  • Commercialization

  • Logistics

Device Evaluation

As soon as a client provides Noble with working samples of the real device, Noble reviews and evaluates the device to gain a better understanding of its key signature elements and features. The analysis of the device will also involve a thorough review of the Instructions for Use if available.

Needle insertion forces applied to prefilled syringe trainer
Noble product requirements and prototyping

Product Requirements

Noble reviews, analyzes and examines the client’s list of training device requirements and then categorizes primary functions and secondary options for review and approval by the client. A final report will be completed following project kick off. The Product Requirements Definition and Project Control Plan are reviewed and approved by both Noble and the client before the next phase of development can take place.

Concept Development & Prototyping

Taking into account the client’s list of device requirements, the primary objective for this phase is to begin the concept development of the training device. After the client selects a design concept, Noble develops a fully functioning design. These representative embodiments (sketches, renderings, etc.) facilitate management reviews and approvals by the client.

Noble 3D printed forms

Design Documentation & Transfer

One of the most challenging aspects in development is the transfer of design to a mass producible, properly functioning product. The primary objective of this stage includes documentation of the design and refinement of functionality and manufacturability. Each major function is analyzed, refined, evaluated for performance and aligned with product specifications. This stage also includes freezing the design in preparation of transfer to manufacturing.

Production Planning/Tooling

Once designs are locked in, processes, schedules and final costs are defined based on the volume forecast of the client. Sources of supplies are negotiated and secured; tooling is executed; quality assurance protocols are established in the Quality Control Plan; production trials are executed to validate process and assure quality; packaging and labeling is defined; and all verification and validation activities are completed.

CNC tooling
ISO certification logos


The manufacturing phase includes production and procurement of subcomponents, assembly, quality control and packaging. A preproduction sample is provided to the client for review, and upon approval, high-volume manufacturing commences, according to the processes and protocols established.


Noble administers all documentation to a single client-selected warehouse. This includes freight, duties, customs, insurance, brokerage, etc. Supply chain tracking is also established.

Noble logistics