Wearable Trainers

Wearable trainers simulate attributes of real wearable syringes and are available as off-the-shelf or customized platforms including, proprietary technologies.


Available Capabilities

Auto injector, Prefilled Syringe, Inhaler Drug Delivery Device Trainer Customization
Auto injector, Prefilled Syringe, Inhaler Drug Delivery Device Trainer Customization Features

Key Features & Enhancements Pre-configured for Speed-to-Market

These training devices are custom developed to simulate wearable injection devices
and can also include proprietary simulation technology options to help decrease
needle anxiety and increase user confidence.

 1. Wearable Injection Trainer

True to form and function device replication
Designed to simulate all aspects of the patient experience including: Design form, color adjustments, window size, tactile feedback, actuation force and more. 

Replicate viscosity, injection speed and user operation
Designed to simulate various molecule viscosities to help patients become familiar with injection speed. 

Cartridge insertion simulation  Similar to the real wearable device with a medication filled cartridge the practice cartridge simulates the all aspects of the real cartridge including gear, plunger and tip helping patients become familiar with proper insertion technique.

2. Multisensory Smart Packaging* 

Guide your patients through correct administration technique
Packaging designed to wirelessly connect with the wearable injection trainer and guide patients through the injection process. Packaging is equipped with error detection correction technologies with capabilities including: interactive device controls with play, pause and rewind buttons, visual and auditory feedback, sensors and more to help patients successfully train and gain familiarity with the actual wearable device. 

Quick Reference Guide
This patient-centric guide provides users with simplified information on packaging contents and features, and step-by-step instructions from start to finish using easy-to-understand illustrations and terminology. 

3.  Resettable Mechanisms*

Designed for repeated use
Proprietary components designed with the capability for users to reset the mechanisms for multiple training sessions. 


*Multiple Patents Pending