Prefilled Syringe Trainers

Prefilled Syringe trainers simulate attributes of real prefilled syringes and are available as off-the-shelf or customized platforms including, proprietary technologies.


Available Capabilities

Auto injector, Prefilled Syringe, Inhaler Drug Delivery Device Trainer Customization
Auto injector, Prefilled Syringe, Inhaler Drug Delivery Device Trainer Customization Features

Key Features & Enhancements Pre-configured for Speed-to-Market

These training devices are custom developed to simulate OEM standard prefilled syringes and prefilled syringes
with safety systems and can also include proprietary needle simulation technology options to help decrease
needle anxiety and increase user confidence.

 1. Plunger Speed Simulation*

Replicate viscosity and plunger speed
Designed to simulate various molecule viscosities to help patients become familiar with break out and glide forces. 

2.  Resettable Safety Mechanisms*

Designed for repeated use
Proprietary components designed to simulate the device safety and shielding systems with the capability for users to reset the mechanisms for multiple training sessions. 

3. Device Replication*

True to form and function
Designed to simulate all aspects of the patient experience including: Design form, color adjustments, window size, tactile feedback, cap removal force, actuation force and more. 

4. Needle Shield Options

Matching your device down to the smallest detail
OEM industry standard components available in rigid and soft needle shield formats. 

5. Needle Tip Simulation Options*

Realistic injection simulation  Proprietary needle simulation, including Ball Tip,  Encased and Agitator options, designed to simulate the “Feel” and “Forces” involved with an injection.


*Multiple Patents Pending


Syringe Angle Aid Training Tool

Designed as a safe and effective way for patients to learn proper self-injection technique. The Angle Tool helps patients achieve the correct angle for subcutaneous injection using a precisely measured channel as a guide. Knowing proper angle and needle depth helps to reduce needle stick injuries and medication complications due to incorrect technique.

The  Syringe Angle Training Tool can be built to brand specifications including: 

  • Shape and design
  • Color scheme
  • 45 or 90 degree angularity  


Better Training Starts with Understanding Needle Insertion Forces 

1. Deformation: Induced when the needle tip is in contact with the injection site.

2. Puncture: Force related to the needle tip puncturing and entering the skin.

3. Insertion: Force continues to increase in relation to the insertion depth and injection site characteristics.