Training Support

Training support products are designed to complement injection and respiratory device training and aid in patient onboarding by providing educational training and daily support.  

Autoinjector, Prefilled Syringe, Packaging Support Drug Delivery Training Devices
Autoinjector, Prefilled Syringe, Packaging Support Drug Delivery Training Devices Customization
Autoinjector, Prefilled Syringe, Packaging Support Drug Delivery Training Devices

Syringe Angle Training Tool

prefilled syringe drug delivery device training angle tool

Designed as a safe and effective way for patients to learn proper self-injection technique. The Angle Tool helps patients achieve the correct angle for subcutaneous injection using a precisely measured channel as a guide. Knowing proper angle and needle depth helps to reduce needle stick injuries and medication complications due to incorrect technique.

The  Syringe Angle Training Tool can be built to brand specifications including: 

  • Shape and design
  • Color scheme
  • 45 or 90 degree angularity  

Autoinjector Drug Delivery Device Smart Trainer

Smart Package Device Trainer

Smart package device trainers mimic the attributes of a brand's actual device packaging with the addition of proprietary electronic technologies built into the actual packaging instead of a device trainer to reduce cost and miniaturization and add ease of manufacturability. Smart package device trainers are accompanied with a brand accurate (shape, design and tactile feel) mechanical training device such as an autoinjector, pen or prefilled syringe. 

Smart package device trainers simulate packaging with customization including:

  • Auditory instruction and feedback in a predetermined sequence 
  • Flexible content for targeting specific users and geographic locations
  • LEDs to highlight key messaging 
  • Error detection and correction 
  • Patient interface and feedback loops 
  • Injection device trainer 

Packaging, Travel Packs & More

These customizable patient support products assist patients with the initial onboarding process and beyond with the premise of maintaining patient adherence.

Products such as Training Packaging, Smart Injection Pads and Packaging can be incorporated with technologies including audible, visual, interactive feedback and more. Assistive devices reinforce proper administration technique, while training instructions for use (IFU) provide easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions of proper administration technique.  

Noble's customizable patient support products include: 

  • Administrative assistive tools
  • Smart injection pads
  • Smart packaging
  • Training packaging
  • Training IFUs
  • Travel assets
Drug Delivery Device Training Aids and Packaging