Design & Development

Driven by your input and brand needs, Noble's consultative approach focuses on creating customized educational and training products for your HCPs and patients. Our development process and in-house expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing allows us to manage production from ideation to delivery. This results in a customized product based on your specifications.

Development Process Overview:

Through our long history within pharma and biopharma, Noble has acquired best-in-class expertise in product design, quality systems, and manufacturing in both regulated and non-regulated environments.

Drug Delivery Device Trainer Design & Development


Integrated Engineering Process

Cross-disciplinary designers and engineers provide fully customized solutions from the first concept sketch through production.  An enhanced platform of concurrent engineering (CE) throughout the development process ensures quality standards and end user requirements are met while delivering on-time and on-budget.

3D printing drug delivery trainer prototype 3D printing prefilled syringe trainer prototype
Patient Drug Delivery Device Trainer PCB Assembly



Internal lab facilities result in rapid prototyping, enabling clients to quickly visualize designs, resulting in real-time feedback and reduced cost investment. The latest 3D CAD printing tools, including CNC machining, RTV molding/urethane, and low volume production (LVP) technologies are utilized to produce prototypes.