True to Form and Function Autoinjector Trainers

Autoinjector device trainers simulate attributes of real autoinjectors and are available as off-the-shelf or customized platforms including, proprietary technologies. Autojector training device technologies range from resettable mechanical to smart features, including bluetooth connectivity, sensors, audio cues, and guidance and error detection and correction.

Available Capabilities

Auto injector, Prefilled Syringe, Inhaler Drug Delivery Device Trainer Customization
Auto injector, Prefilled Syringe, Inhaler Drug Delivery Device Trainer Customization Features

Key Features & Enhancements Pre-configured for Speed-to-Market

These training devices are custom-developed to match your device customization and also can include error correcting and smart features designed to increased memory recall and compliance. 

 1. Plunger Speed Simulation*

Replicate viscosity and plunger speed
Pre-configured proprietary training device components designed to simulate your device plunger speed. 

2.  Actuation Force Simulation*

Adjustable audible feedback
Developed to simulate the auditory feedback and resistance of variable-step actuated devices providing users with realistic simulation.

3. Agitator Needle Simulation Tip*

Realistic injection simulation    
Agitator needle simulation designed to replicate the “feel” and ”forces” involved for both manual and auto insertion systems.

4. Resettable Safety Systems*

Designed for repeated use
The trainer’s cap doubles as a reset mechanism allowing users to train multiple times prior to an actual injection.

 5. Device Replication

True to form and function
Designed to simulate all aspects of the patient experience including:
Design form, color adjustments, window size, tactile feedback, cap removal force, actuation force and more. 


*Multiple Patents Pending